over Elena Giuliana

Ciao a tutti, io sono Elena! I was born in Sicily, but soon I moved to the north of Italy. I grew up in Padua and in Bergamo, then I moved to Venice for the university. After I moved to Milano where I got the Master in Didactics of L2/LS Italian at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart and I started to work as a teacher.

In Italy I worked with adults, in asylum seeker centrums and privately, and with children, inside the public schools. I live in the Netherlands since January 2018 and here I work with adults who aim to learn Italian language and culture and with children with Italian roots.

I think about the teaching of Italian language as a tool for spreading Italian culture all over the world: a funny and multi-media tool! I like to use art, literature, comics, music, cinema, TV series, games, web (and more…) for the transmission of Italian language.

I create my teaching material for teaching appropriately to different types of learners, transmitting elements of Italian culture (literature, characters, stories, historical periods…) that allow you to fully enter into Italian contemporary society.

I also love cooking (and not only Italian style!), strolling around cities, listening to indie music and reading a good book or comic.